Mity Digital

We're a Melbourne based web design and development agency who specialises in Joomla based websites. We've been working with Joomla since 2006 and in that time we've designed and built hundres of Joomla based sites.

We're now starting to develop our own modules, plugins and components to help our clients and you. Our first is the Mity Banner module which you'll find beow.

Mity Modules

Mity Banner

The Mity Banner modules allows you to show either the Full Article Image or Intro Image in a module position.

You can also (optionally) set a default image to be shown if no image is selected at the article level, or instead of a default image select a folder of image from which a random image wil be shown.

This module also shows the Category imgae on a Category Blog page - or the default image, or a random image.

Mity File List

Mity File List allows you to list files from a specified directory. It can also optionally show sub folders and files.


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